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Monitoring for your business.
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Counseling – and a host of other one-on-one or group evaluation and monitoring services are provided by numerous personalities, executives, dignitaries, and both qualified (and not qualified) providers. The need exists at all levels of management, for teams, even board members, and for subject matter experts as well.

We recognize that need. The categories we offer:

♦ Directly working with clients on their business (assessment, SWOT, markets, products/services, functions, stakeholders, goals/targets/actions)

– targeting RESULTS. We focus, frame, execute, act, and complete.

♦ Qualitative effectiveness (organizational and individual) for management teams, board members, committee members, including both internal and external stakeholders.

♦ Customized (personal) development and team optimization initiatives via a series of assessments, analytics, resources, and proposed action steps.

Background and qualifications: Counting a career-long tenure in a host of industries, circumstances, quandaries, issues, experiences, conflicts – along with a philosophy of always seeking to provide value, we base our related advisory and results-based ‘coaching’ services on hard value to be provided, and benefits to be gained by you…from a foundation including:

♦ A lengthy career, thus far at public and private companies, private equity portfolio firms…and not-for-profit as well.

♦ Project, business services, executive consulting at high-end, national practices of “board-room-known firms”, specialty offices, boutique and unique advisory roles. The project list is lengthy and includes international assignments, multiple industries and services.

♦ Successful experiences (double-digit) at underperforming companies…primarily via a top #15 turnaround firm.

♦ Sought-after resource for multiple Federal Agencies – overseeing transactions, trustee, even receiver-related actions.

♦ Professor, teacher, lecturer, speaker, best-practices experiences too numerous to list.

♦ Access to talented resources knowledgeable across all company functions, internal and external stakeholders, risk management and mitigation experiences, and steerage.

Last item…an unabashed, presumptive frustration. “Coaching” may be one of the most overdone, self-aggrandizing, egotistical, unaccountable, and faddish ‘leadership’ entrapment exercises which clearly victimizes ‘clients.’

Businesspeople get bamboozled into paying for value-less chatter and fads…especially when ‘performed’ by non-experienced, ungrounded, and unprincipled people.

We don’t/won’t do that.

In my own business experiences and career, I cannot tell you how many times I have overheard conversations between “coaches” and their clients – in meeting rooms, at conferences, coffee-houses, restaurants…even to the point where I was compelled to move to a different location because of the inanity and naivete of the “advice and guidance” being offered. (Don’t be those people…know what you need and want…and insist upon access to hard experience to generate results.)

Your time is just too valuable.


We frame our services as ‘results-based’ – customized for you and your business, and flexibly value-priced to meet your needs – resulting in direct and beneficial monitoring, improvement, development – producing economic, operational, and margin results.