In the wake of management shortcomings, financial malfeasance and scandals, compliance violations…transitional requirements required by Federal regulatory agencies, advisors, or boards of directors require the use of experienced, highly vetted individuals as Officers, Governance or Named Oversight executives, Monitors, or Management Trustees.  Such specialized assignments require: recognized integrity, a host of executive management skills, business acumen, broad experience, industry knowledge, direct as well as collaborative decision-making, and (even) an extremely well-developed ability to work with regulators.


Officer (President/CEO/COO), Management Trustee & equivalent; full-time or interim leadership positions Jim Wanserski has proven expertise executing CEO, COO, Management Trustee, Performance-Based, Advisory and Board-Searched, as well as Turnaround roles.

His credentials working in oversight positions, especially as required by boards of directors, Federal agencies, the Judiciary, external/internal counsel, regulators, government entities, banks, and law firms — position him for difficult and contentious positions in a host of such situations across several industries. He has served in executive roles in many different instances, ranging from a board-appointed President/CEO in the financial services industry…four wireless industry transactions overseen by the U. S. Department of Justice…and executive turnaround situations.

These have included: a public company whose board was executing a financial services company CEO search in the face of intense government scrutiny; AT&T/Centennial; Verizon/Alltel, and; as a wireless industry management consultant for the trustee in the AT&T/Dobson and Verizon/Rural Cellular acquisitions. Due to his wealth of business credentials, multiple turnaround experiences, and litigation-support roles, Wanserski was the first non-lawyer management trustee selected by the United States Department of Justice to oversee telecommunications transactions and operations.


One significant benefit resulting from having held many different positions within a variety of industries is the “hard” experience such roles then make available to current and future clients with high-end-needs.  Often, clients realize they have an executive-level need, or cannot get to that next level – and require a critical role to be filled for the near and long-term – or, just to bridge the gap to the new long-term leader. At other times in a board or management team’s life cycle, a major and needed role cannot be addressed by the existing team due to a host of causes ranging from: perceived experience gaps; a specialized need; or because already-over-committed activities prohibit direct-dealing with resource and oversight requirements.




CEO, COO, President, CFO leadership for public and private entities

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